There are 21 designs that portray special objects and people. Steve revels his step-by-step techniques for beginners in more than 150 color photographs. He has provided a gallery of carvings to help you through the more advanced carvings. Here we have an unusual pair of carved buffalo horn fish figures. Cant really say much about them as i am not sure of the origin.

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The grain and character of the wood are shown to good advantage. Once the general shape is made, the carver may use a variety of tools for creating details. For example, a “veiner” or “fluter” can be used to make deep gouges into the surface, or a “v-tool” for making fine lines or decorative cuts. Once the finer details have been added, the woodcarver finishes the surface. The method chosen depends on the required quality of the surface finish.

With power you can more easily carve a hard wood and get great detail while the same hard wood might be very frustrating for a hand carver. Remove as much wood as possible until you can visualize the basic shape of the final piece within the block of wood.For small pieces, you can cut the basic shape using knives or chisels. For larger pieces, you may need to use a band saw or chain saw. A stabbing cut creates sharp carvings in the surface of the wood, allowing you to create hard shadows.

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When you’re ready to make a finished work, sketch the design lightly in pencil to have a guide. Secure the wood by clamping it onto a table and cut the basic shape before adding details. The art of carving wooden birds, whether for use as decoys or for purely ornamental purposes, has long been popular in America. This example is from the Mason Factory in Detroit, which was active from 1896 to 1924. Large workshops produced decoys in response to the demands of commercial hunters before the industry came to a sudden end with the passage of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act in 1918. The Mason Factory was one of the most important suppliers of factory decoys, offering five different grades that varied in detail and degree of hand-finishing.

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Carving Tools And Techniques

The knife must then be pushed through the wood; it’s all about the angle! As you push through the wood, angle the knife up ever-so-slightly and you will have shaved off a bit of wood. With many types of wood, the shavings will curl; this is an indication that you are going in the right direction. So once you have your tools, you’ll need something to carve. There are tons of different kinds of wood and they all carve differently.

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It’s cheap and you should be able to find it locally. The grain is small and the wood is soft. The whirligig is a special kind of weathervane, which can indicate velocity as well as wind direction. Although the larger whirligigs were undoubtedly placed outdoors to function as vanes, smaller versions may well have served as children’s toys.

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The unpainted, natural wood has a smooth and beautifully grained surface. The doll’s dress and shoes are carved in the wood. Oil also imparts a sheen to the wood which, by reflecting light, helps the observer ‘read’ the form. Carvers seldom use gloss varnish as it creates too shiny a surface, which reflects so much light it can confuse the form; carvers refer to this as ‘the toffee apple effect’. Objects made of wood are frequently finished with a layer of wax, which protects the wood and gives a soft lustrous sheen.

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  • Having extensive training in art but none in sculpture or wood carving the idea of the small figures were a new area to work in.

No matter what wood is selected or tool used, the wood sculptor must always carve either across or with the grain of the wood, never against the grain. Two authentic native alaskan handcrafted stone figure carvings. Face is carved from some kind of bone.

It is approximately 8.75 to 9.0 inches tall. The base is approximately 3 inches square. You are bidding on a large wood carving of a German Bavarian hunter who is carrying a rifle and smoke a pipe. He is similar to the other listing of the large wood carving.

Work on one area of the carving at a time. Complete the larger details and foreground details first, then progress to the small details and background. Ideally, you should hold the wood piece in place by clamping onto the table or inside a vise.